Creator Society Movement

We struggle for the society where economic conditions opening freedom for the human being to create are considered to be fair. We’re convicted that a cooperative gives this chance to the human being. Workers-owners of a cooperative democratically elect their management and distribute profits by themselves and in this way they are freed from the power of capital and offered an opportunity to create in the framework of all economy.

There is nothing stronger than an idea whose time has come.

The global economic crisis shows that capitalism is not able to cope with needs of broad masses. It offers consumption, but information era forms creative class that wants to create. And this process cannot be stopped.

Abstracts of Manifesto

The world is in a state of turbulence

Ukraine is a young country and we are ready to create our own state project. Who knows what our energy related to national development might materialize in, because it’s the first time we have this chance. As long as the world looks for new meanings we can create them.

Successful cooperatives

Some theory can be interesting but nothing inspires better than successful implementation of ideas. These are exactly the below mentioned examples which inspired founders of Movement nearly to the greatest extent. We hope they will inspire you as well.

Mondragon Corporation

Mondragon is one of the leading Spanish business groups, with production subsidiaries and corporate offices in 41 countries and sales in more than 150.

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These cooperatives demonstrate that economic democracy can be effective in both the food industry and in such difficult areas as the design and manufacturing industrial robots.

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These cooperatives offer their customers variety of services from the house cleaning and care of roadsides to install solar panels and provide consumers with clean energy.

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These cooperatives produce the raw materials, which have grown with their own hands, so not surprising that popular brands of juices and dairy products are owned by cooperatives.

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Our manifesto in pdf

Why does creative class undermine capitalism? Is there any alternative to consumer society? Was Hegel right? You can find answers in our Manifesto.


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